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More than 200 people jammed Salt Lake City Hall on Tuesday evening for a lively public hearing on the extension of the Sugar House Streetcar….

Lori Leighton, who owns Boxing Is For Girls, a fitness gym on 1100 East, said she is against the 1100 East alignment. Recently during a one-week period, she said she gathered 1,565 signatures against the 1100 East line.

Leighton said tearing up the street for months for construction of the line could drive her out of business.

“We are thriving on this street,” she said. “We don’t need [the streetcar].”

Another merchant on 1100 East, Pamela Pedersen of Central Book Exchange, said a streetcar on that route would be bad for the neighborhood and bad for her business. She called it an “illogical” plan that comes with a “high price tag.”

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